COVID 19 Update-March 31, 2020

On Sunday, COSA, OSBA, OEA, OSEA and OAESD released a joint letter written in collaboration with the Governor and the Oregon Department of Education. This letter was written with the belief that all education stakeholders need to work in collaboration now more than ever.  All employees are expected to review this letter.    Please note specifically recommendation #4; if you are an employee who meets one of the criteria listed and cannot report to work physically (in person) or remotely, please email so that we can determine specific state or federal leave provisions or aspects of the governor’s Executive Order (EO) that apply to your situation.  

Last night, ODE released Oregon’s Extended School Year Guidance.  This guidance represents a significant shift and is now requiring districts to provide distance learning for all students.   We also ask that staff review this document.  Administrative and licensed staff will are developing plans for Lane ESD programs and for methods of supporting districts in meeting these new requirements.

All ESD employees are being paid under the Governor’s EO, however, not all employees have the same requirements for reporting to work.  At minimum all employees should do the following:

  • Check and read email daily/or check the ESD staff updates daily
  • Be available for calls from supervisors, teachers, or other designated staff

Note: Instructional Assistants will not be expected to physically report to work this week- only remote work is expected.

This continues to be a time of rapid and changing information.  We are thankful for the collaborative efforts of so many ESD staff across the agency who are supporting internal and external services.