COVID 19 Update – March 27, 2020

As Spring Break concludes, this continues to be a time of rapid change requiring us all to be flexible. As questions come up, please email these to the address. Questions from employees help us refine our communication and we do appreciate them. 

An email was sent to main campus staff on Wednesday, March 25th; employees assigned to the main campus should refer to this email for direction.

Special Education licensed staff (teachers, consultants, School Psychologists, SLPs, DHH/VI teachers, and sign language interpreters) will not report to work on Monday.  Special Education supervisors emailed these employees with information on next steps and employees should be available to monitor emails or for phone contacts.  Please refer to these communications for information about next week.

Special Education Instructional Assistants will not report to work on Monday or Tuesday.   Instructional Assistants should continue to monitor email communications for instructions. Administrators will be planning with teachers and districts regarding supplemental learning supports and child care, and will make assignments as these plans are solidified.  

Note: Instructional Assistants who have forgotten their email password can submit a technology ticket to request a password reset or call Mary Griswold at 541-461-8251.  Instructional Assistants who do not have access to email at home should call their supervisor:
Renee Beard               541-463-8540

Justin Radabaugh        541-463-8502

Annie Whiddon          541-461-8377

HANDLING COVID-19 RELATED CONCERNS ABOUT REPORTING TO Work (whether in person or remotely)
For employees who are required to report to work (in person, remotely or a combination of the two), the Bureau of Labor and Industry (BOLI) has stated that employees may use OFLA leave during the current closure to care for their children. The employee can then use sick leave or other paid leaves for this time off.  Paperwork related to OFLA/FMLA leave is available on the Lane ESD website. The newly passed Families First Coronavirus Response Act also provides support for individuals needing to stay home to care for children who are not in school due to COVID 19 related closure.

Employees who have a condition that makes them at greater risk from COVID-19 (and do not qualify for state or federal leaves), and are not experiencing symptoms are expected to report to work, if required.  Supervisors will work with employees in this situation on accommodations such as flexible work schedule or working remotely, if feasible for the assignment.  

Employees who have COVID-19 related concerns about reporting to work (whether in person or remotely) should contact their supervisor or Human Resources.

All ESD employees (classified, licensed, professional, and administrative) are being paid during the period of time schools are closed due the Governor’s Executive Order (EO).  The EO applies to schools and ESDs.

ESD employees should not file unemployment claims during this period time since wages are being received.

Leaves will not be charged for any days that an employee is not required to report to work during the closure period specified in the Governor’s EO.

Classified employees will only need to submit time sheets for dates they are required to work.  For dates that classified employees are not required to report, wages are still being paid based on assigned work calendar.

Classified employees who are required to work (remotely or in person) will submit time sheets and use leaves as they normally do.