Covid 19 Update March 23, 2020

Most ESD staff are not working due to Spring Break.  This is not the Spring Break that any of us anticipated and it continues to be a time of rapid change.  Today Governor Brown issued another Executive Order.  Below is the latest information we have in Q &A format.

Again, thank you for your patience and to those of you who have emailed questions to the address.

What does today’s updated Executive Order mean for Lane ESD? The section of the Executive Order 20-01 on workplace restrictions and government buildings are applicable to Lane ESD.  Public schools and ESDs are considered government buildings. Lane ESD began practicing the restrictions outlined in the Executive Order last week.  The primary change for Lane ESD is that we will be increasing remote work options and expectations for employees who are required to report to work.   Supervisors will be conferring with employees in their work areas about specific plans related to their department/assignment.  For jobs where working remotely is not possible, recent work place practice changes will continue.

If I am an hourly employee, but currently not required to report to work, do I need to submit a time sheet to get paid? Employees who are not required to report to work will not need to submit time sheets.  Employees who are required to work will submit time sheets and use leaves as they normally do.        

What are Lane ESD’s plans for providing learning supports and supplemental services to students and families during the closure period? This varies among the 16 districts in Lane County.  Some districts are providing online supplemental supports while others are providing “paper and pencil” packets.  Lane ESD is supporting professional development for school districts in the use of online platforms such as googleclassroom.

Lane ESDs Special Education administrators have been conferring with districts regarding each district’s method for providing supplemental learning supports so we can support students enrolled in ESD programs in a similar manner.   Districts have requested that we take the lead on supplemental supports for high school and transition age students in the Life Skills Program. 

Special Education Administrators will be meeting with classroom teachers and other licensed staff remotely on March 30th and/or March 31st.

Will districts be bringing small groups of students in to provide learning supports if the combined number of students and staff is less than 10? ODE has indicated that there are to be no direct face-to-face services for students. Lane ESD is working with Lane County districts to determine their plans for learning supports and supplemental services to students and families. Districts have not finalized plans, however, are interested in Lane ESD supports as part of their supports to students and families. 

Districts are waiting for guidance from ODE on standards for supplemental services.

How will Lane ESD be responding to the Governor’s goal of providing child care for first responders, emergency workers, or healthcare providers? Lane ESD is supporting districts, Lane County, and the Early Learning Division by serving as a liaison.   It has not been determined if Lane ESD staff will be involved directly in providing child care options for first responders, emergency workers, or healthcare providers at district sites.