COVID-19 Update – March 19, 2020

We want to thank everyone for their attention and patience during this confusing and stressful time.  We encourage everyone to practice self-care and to provide and/or reach out for support. Today’s message is in the form of a Q & A.  

Does the governor’s executive order include ESDs? Governor Brown’s Executive Order applies to ESDs as well as school districts.  ESDs are considered a vital part of Oregon’s education system.  

During the school closure am I eligible for unemployment? Per the Governor’s Executive Orders, school and ESD employees will be paid during the school closure and therefore will not be eligible for unemployment benefits.   More details are available on the Oregon Employment Division website.  

What are Lane ESD’s plans for providing learning supports and supplemental services to students and families during the closure period? Lane ESD is working with Lane County districts to determine their plans for learning supports and supplemental services to students and families. Districts have not yet finalized plans.  However, they are interested in Lane ESD supports as part of their supports to students and families.   

Are school staff still expected to report back to work on March 30th? No decision has been made yet about the date for school-based employees to return to work. However, employees should be available on March 30th, in case there is a decision to report back to work (on site or remotely).  We will communicate this decision as soon as possible.

We continue to have planning calls with local districts, ESDs and ODE.