COVID 19 Update -April 9, 2020

Yesterday we shared Governor Brown’s decision to extend her Executive Order (EO) closing schools through the end of the 2019-20 school year.  This means ESD staff will continue to be paid through the end of the school year. 

We also know that in some cases family members’ employment has been impacted by business closures.  As always, when a spouse, domestic partner, or otherwise qualified child loses insurance coverage, employees may enroll these individuals in their ESD coverage.  Such additions must take place within 31 days of the loss of coverage.

In order to do this, employees should complete a “Midyear Change Form” that can be found on the OEBB website ( In addition to your information, only information that is being added or changed needs to be included on the form.

The completed form, along with documentation of your family member’s loss of coverage, can be faxed (541-541-8381), emailed or mailed to Human Resources. Please do not include any social security numbers on the form. Contact HR (541-461-8202) if you have any questions.