COVID-19 – Update April 3, 2020

This week has seen several twists and turns and through the turbulence, we are very proud of how Lane ESD is responding.  In this first week back from an unusual Spring Break, work has indeed been different.  For many, it means a new work environment that perhaps includes a living room, kitchen table and more casual attire.  For some, even though you are working in the same office space, it is far quieter and very sparsely populated.  You may even be longing for the noise that the roof project brought before its completion.  Still for others, you have learned to “report” to work in a new way—by reading emails, checking the website and awaiting phone calls.  From all that has been seen and heard, attitudes remain positive and that is commendable and necessary as we continue to navigate this unusual school closure.  

In Oregon’s Extended School Closure Guidance there is strong emphasis on three C’s—Care, Connection and Continuity of Learning.  These are in priority order.  I urge you to now focus on the first C—Care.  Start with Care for yourself, then Care for your loved ones, friends and each other.  Keeping that in focus will allow us to make better Connections and eventually get to the Continuity of Learning.  Wishing you all a good weekend filled with Care!