COVID 19 Update – April 1, 2020

There was a problem with the link to the joint letter posted in yesterday’s ESD staff update. Some employees were able to access the letter, however, later the link was not working. Thanks to Ben Welch for reporting this issue.  The link has now been fixed on the March 31 update.

Thank you to employees who have emailed questions about “at risk” health status so that we can provide appropriate direction related to leaves and work assignments.

Lane ESD licensed staff convened today to discuss supports to districts and special education services to students in Lane ESD programs based on Oregon’s Extended School Year Guidance.  These staff have rolled up their sleeves to do some heavy lifting with creative, positive energy and a focus on students and families.

We continue to be grateful that we, along with other ESD and school employees across state, are considered essential employees and are being paid under the Governor’s Executive Order. We know that many friends and neighbors are not so fortunate.

As part of today’s work assignment employees are to view this MODA Wellness Program webinar “Staying Healthy at Home During COVID-19