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COVID-19 Update March 13, 2020

The developments locally, state-wide and nationally related to COVID 19 are changing rapidly.  Lane ESD will be sharing an update each workday between 3-5PM.  Information sent via email will also be posted on the Lane ESD employee webpage.  Since today is a non-contract day for a large number of staff, we will send a notification message using our electronic notification system, BlackBoard Connect, instructing staff to check their email or the Lane ESD employee webpage.  After this initial BlackBoard Connect communication, other communication on COVID 19 will be via email and posting to the Lane ESD employee webpage.

Yesterday evening Governor Brown determined that schools should close through the end of March and that the last two days of March will be used to plan for the return of students.

Lane ESD staff assigned to districts will follow the school closure schedule of their assigned district, including make-up days.  We anticipate that school based staff (licensed and classified staff) will report back to work on March 30 to support planning for the return of students.  If the workdays are not made up, there will be no loss in pay for the week of March 16.

Lane ESD main campus will remain open. Staff assigned to Lane ESD main campus will report to work except staff whose jobs involve working with students (Lane AABSS Program staff, itinerant special education staff).  The Lane ESD work environment has the ability to implement the social distancing practices and increased sanitization expected to maintain a safe work environment.

Lane County school districts have yet to determine whether they will be making up days or not.

An additional message will be sent to main campus staff related to expectations related to social distancing and behavioral changes that we want all staff to begin to use in the office environment.

On the Westmoreland Campus we will be using some of this time for deep cleaning and had already planned to increase the frequency of sanitization in conjunction with support from classroom staff.  Staff have been given guidance from ODE on methods of practicing social distancing in the school setting.  On the main campus we are also increasing our sanitization and will provide staff with supplies to do additional sanitization within their work spaces.

At this time Lane ESD is not allowing staff to work from home in lieu of being in the work place or in lieu of childcare.  

Whether you are an employee who will report to work next week or not, please follow the Oregon Health Authority and Lane County Public Health advice on hand washing, social distancing, and staying home when sick.  These precautions are to protect us individually, but also to protect co-workers, our families, and our community.

The Governor’s orders will be challenging for everyone and our goal will be mitigate negative impacts, knowing that it will be impossible to avoid all negative impacts.  We want to thank you for your patience and perseverance during this confusing time.  Please send questions to .